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Bill Gates denies the conspiracy theory of implanting microchips into humans through the new crown vaccine

According to news from China Daily on the 24th, according to CNN, on July 23 local time, Microsoft founder Bill Gates revealed that the current rate of COVID-19 infection in the United States is "deeply disturbing." "And the situation will not get better soon.

"The infection rate in the United States is deeply disturbing. Due to the rising temperature in summer, people stay indoors for longer and longer. This should be easier to reduce the infection rate than when people go out more in the fall. But the current situation is Yes, young people have become the main targets of infection. This means that the mortality rate is rising, but it is far from reaching the peak." Gates said in an interview with CNN, "So the situation is not optimistic, as we predicted four weeks ago."

Gates also revealed that the early new crown vaccine data showed that to prevent people from contracting the virus, only one shot of the vaccine is not enough. In June, he agreed with the prediction of top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci that an effective new crown vaccine may be launched at the end of this year or early 2021.